Monday, February 16, 2015

Prappy Hesident's Day with Cornell University Library's Must-See Archive for Fans of Historical Graphic Design. What a Mouthfull.

Happy Presidents' Day, my fellow Americans. 
Today we come together to celebrate all the brave presidents who died for our sins.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that isn't what Presidents' Day is really about. 

But, since you have the day off, you might as well spend part of it paging through Cornell University Library's AWESOME Flickr account. It features textiles, metalwork, ephemera, artifacts, and all sorts of delicious historical "others" that relate to election PR. See buttons! Bandanas! Ribbons! Gold cording out the hoo-ha! This is a must-look for all of youse who are into indulging in a little Neo-Americana with your americano. These designs are more flawless than a perfectly wrapped Mast Brother's Chocolate Bar... which is already pretty flawless because of its contents.

And don't fret. There is plenty of Teddy Roosevelt.

The library's Flickr account may be viewed here:

But, while we are at it, let's not forget my favorite presidential handout of the past few years:

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