Monday, October 27, 2014

Specimen Necklaces

Like many, I've been really feeling the natural history vibes as of late. Part of that must come from residing in Providence, Rhode Island, a place where I can visit 2 Victorian-style natural history collections with just a few phone calls or I could hook up with The Jenks Society and view their Lost Museum installation in Brown University. Add to this a couple of trips across the country this year, my liking of plants, and my desire to pick up and bring home anything on the ground that looks interesting and the result is quite a burgeoning collection of shells, moss, feathers, rocks, and the odd California succulent.
To lighten the load, I've begun divvying up little bits these delights and packaging them as a wearable wunderkammer! Each piece will be different so keep your eyes peeled for pressed lichens in lockets great and small as well as some wonderfully (somberly?) Catholic-looking ossuaries filled with varmint bones.



The holiday work is already in full swing here at WCHQ. Expect more flora and fauna at our holiday sales this year and enjoy the coming "natural selections".

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