Thursday, June 12, 2014

Midnight Lock-In at the Radio Museum

 A few weeks back (er, actually, last month. yeesh.), my friend and I ran down to our homeland of New Jersey to complete/attempt to complete an errand. We spent the night at her parents' house, among her step-dad's incredible collection of antique radios and radio-related paraphernalia.

Ships EVERYWHERE. What's with old radio speakers and tall ship motifs?  Do you know?

So many classic details! I went into full-frontal-creep-mode and snapped many, many reference shots of the details, colors and surface designs. ABC: Always Be Creepin'.

This large and amazing oval speaker was the clear winner of "Wind Beneath My Wings." Block printed? Screen printed? I don't know. But the colors, the subject, the form, the incredible thinness of the veneer, the lightness of the whole piece... just wow.

 Okay, okay. This one is a clock. But diversification in important so I added it in. Again, ships.

In the end, we didn't get to complete our errand of moving an antique armoire from my cousin's house to mine but I did get to drive very slowly past an ex-boyfriend's house at 2 a.m. and whisper in his (probably still, according to census information obtained online (!!!ABC!!!)) bedroom window "I Hate You".
So, yes, for that, radios and lunch at White Manna Hamburgers: pretty worthwhile trip.

White Manna also has some really lovely flooring. Flowers and crosses, that palette- ¡me gusta!

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